"We have been working with AeroNordic since 2014. AeroNordic is a small agile company with a unique customer focus, giving a very positive and dynamic cooperation. They possess extensive knowledge of wind turbine blades and quality assurance, a very strong combination making them a trusted supplier of blade engineering services."

- Thomas Bruun

Head of Technical Integrity Management, Ørsted

"AeroNordic has delivered baseline documentation to a very strong and detailed blade maintenance system, for our asset management organisation. The system spans from quality assurance business processes to the operational maintenance instructions. The quality of the deliverables is high-end, tailored to our requirements, price is fixed and they always deliver on time or ahead of schedule."

- Morten Egholm Handberg

Senior Blade Integrity Specialist, Ørsted

About us

AeroNordic is an independent 3′ party test facility and agile engineering company focused on composite materials in general and wind turbine blades in particular.

We strive to treat our customers professionally and fair regardless of the size of our customer. We never compromise on the quality of our engineering services.

Always focused on cost efficient material testing and through optimized processes we have reduced the cost of expensive testing substantially.

Some of our most popular services:

In our workshop, we manufacture test samples in accordance with our customers requirements. We can process systems consisting of standard thermosetting compounds as well as UV curing solutions.

We have worked with fillers, primers, adhesives, coatings as well as leading edge protection solutions at our workshop.
Typically, we produce blade specific laminate substrates for the qualification of the coatings.


Do you want to know more about our workshop location   AeroNordic Workshop

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Typical services:

  • Validation of new materials and maintenance processes for wind turbine blades
  • Proces development, wind turbine blades
  • Engineering support, material & processes
  • Full blade maintenance documentation – specifications, procedures and instructions.

We offer end to end support in material testing:

  • Manufacturing of test substrate (customer build-up)
  • In-house (and external) material testing
  • Evaluation and reporting.

Basically, we operate as your operational blade engineering organisation, as and when you need it.

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Fixed package price

We are often breaking new ground for our customers on specialised composite projects. Rather than working on hourly rates, we prefer to offer such projects at a fixed package price. This manner of business is advantageous for our customers, as high quality is never compromised by time constraints.

We take great pride in the quality of our deliverables, and removing the “time constraint” enables us to focus on perfection with no additional cost to the customer.

On-time delivery

We take great pride in completion of all deliverables, on schedule each and every time. Should priorities suddenly shift due to the often volatile situation of our customers, we are typically able to reconfigure our team to accommodate more aggressive deadlines

We achieve this through visual management in the engineering organization – across competence areas.