Blade Maintenance

Wind turbine blade condition assessment

We can help you developing your own blade defects catalogue, on which we successfully implemented different severity models for risk based asset management.

During summer 2016 we performed more than 900 blade photographic inspection analysis. We can provide defect assessment, blade repair dispositions and blade maintenance dispositions.

Wind turbine blade repair strategies

Having detailed documented history of your windfarm is a key factor. We can help you ensure control and traceability, according to ISO55000. We can help you taking risk and cost base maintenance decisions, together with agile implementation of latest technologies. Finally, we can make sure that the results will satisfy you, through audits of repair and service contractors.


Standard repair, material selection, work instructions, special maintenance or repair solution, full technical documentation.

Wind turbine blade warranty reports

Another big phase of the life of a windfarm is the End of Warranty (EoW). We can deliver EoW engineering reports, and help you having a blades condition evaluation at a windfarm level. We can help you with EoW repair requirements, and offer experienced engineering support during EoW negotiations. After this phase we can help you with the dispositions on immediately required maintenance, and presenting you short and medium term expected maintenance.