UV Curing Blade Repair

  • Structural Blade Repair using Gurit’s UV curing RENUVO™ prepreg
  • Efficient and time saving for in-field wind turbine blade repair operations
  • Repair of composite UV prepreg laminate up to 6 layers thickness.
  • Suitable for both in-factory and outdoor curing as well as easy handling in rope access repair situations.

Video of Repair Process

  • For more information, datasheets etc. please visit RENUVO

Support and purchasing

We are well established to handle small volumes at short notice,  a typical requirement for blade maintenance and repair market. This market is generally characterised by agility ans small volumes and will be met by centralising the global distribution.


Please request at: [email protected].

UV lamps by AeroNordic

The lamps with high energy output can be turned on and off with no cool down or warm up periods.

These versatile units consist of one Li-Ion battery that enables up to 45 minutes of continuous curing in all relevant climate.

The UV lamps are specially constructed to feel comfortable in your hand, even after hours of operation. The lamps have a built-in pistol-type handle.

Consumable kitting

We provides customer specific support in terms of auxiliary materials for blade repair.

We can also provide standard support kits that contain the standard materials used for most wind turbine blade repairs.

All auxiliary materials are specific selected for the process.