LEP material screening & qualification

Evaluation of LEP systems
– DNVGL-RP-0573

Do you have a product suitable for the wind industry, wind turbine blades in particularly and need support on how to proceed before reaching out to your potential customers, OEM’s or operators – do not hesitate to contact us!

We can support you all the way from initial material screening through to full protocol evaluation in accordance with DNVGL-RP-0573.

We manufacture test substrates in various configurations, supply testing and deliver full reporting ready to meet your customer’s requirements.

Please contact us per email and we will come back to your within few days.

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Full protocol (verification)
– DNVG-RP-0573

For a full verification of a new product aiming towards wind turbine blades we offer full support in test planning and execution. The deliverables would be documentation sufficient for most OEM’s in the market.

We are recognized and respected in the wind industry as an independent 3’rd party. We have no product- or OEM affiliations.

Manufacturing of test substrates

  • Reliable test results require high quality test substrates.
  • We manufacture test substrate that will present your product in the best way possible.
  • We can do all applications or your can apply your product yourself.
  • A poor quality of substrate can have a substantial negative impact on your test results.

For evaluation purposes, a correct choice of substrates mimicing the blades in question is very important.

Test planning

We plan your project to match the required testing in accordance with DNVGL-RP-0573 and with your customer in the most cost efficient way. Before aiming for the full material qualification we can offer an initial screening of your product performance iaw. DNVGL-RP-0573.

It is expensive to test that’s also why we are constantly developing new methods to reduce lead time and the cost of testing or substrate manufacturing.

Results & reporting

  • Performing tests in accordance with standard specifications.
  • We deliver high-end test reports.
  • Always improving our deliverables to match our customers’ requirements.
  • AeroNordic are always focusing on developing new methods to be competitive.


  • As a part of testing deliverable, we offer engineering support in evaluation on your test results.