LEP Support


Perform initial screening and selection of LEP materials and associated processes. Develop, improve or adapt specific processes based on your specific requirements. We can set-up and plan your FAT (Factory Acceptance Test). Full documentation packages can be provided for all screening and selection processes.
We can deliver complete training material for your unique LEP process and educate your personnel to understand critical processes and perform the work in a manner which ensures optimal quality of the final product.


  • Test coupon manufacture
  • Material testing
  • Process validation
  • FAT

Documentation: Work Instructions, Process Specifications, Repair Processes, Test Specifications, FAT -plan and -report, Training Documentation/Material.


During LEP application, we can support production in compliance to the documented processes, product inspections and supplier/production audits.


  • Traveller coupon testing
  • Material & process verification

Documentation: Test and sampling procedures, inspection forms and inspection reports.


These are some of the services we can offer you after LEP application:

  • Blade inspection reports including engineering dispositions of both the blade in general and the LEP in particular.
  • Plan and support special repair processes.
  • Deliver the required test verification and support documentation.
  • Root cause analysis (RCA) and follow-up with vendor in case of product not functioning as expected.
  • Maintenance of LEP on site.

Documentation: Inspection reports, Quality Reports, LEP Repair instructions, detailed LEP maintenance strategies including governing quality processes.